No, not dietary fiber. The fiber that, when wrapped or colored or woven or curled or knitted or crocheted or any other “ed” becomes something special. In this space, I would like to create a discussion on all of the possibilities that are when you pick up a thread or a skein of yarn.

I joke that knitting is a “post-apocalyptic life skill” … I mean, someone will be needed to make socks and blankets, right?? (It IS a joke – I am not a fan of Walking Dead but I do get updates from my daughter. I have enough stress in my life – I don’t need to worry about the un-dead, too 😉  I have recently taken up knitting socks. I’ve been told that I could save myself a lot of time and money buying them at Kmart. But it’s not as much fun. The colors and fibers and choices … oh my!

Manos del Uruguay

Can’t you just imagine socks in the colors above? This hand dyed yarn is sold by Mano de Uruguay, a non-profit providing jobs for craftspeople in rural Uruguay. And, did I mention the colors?? The $25 cost for a pair of socks could be considered a donation, right?

What created this “obsession” is a Facebook group I joined – Winwick Mum Sockalong. Christine Perry – the leader of this merry band – has written THE book about beginning sock knitting. And she has brought together, using the outreach of Facebook, people from all over the world interested in knitting socks.